Web Matters


August 13, 2019

About this project
Migrated their free website to their own hosting and redesigned the website adding a product directory to showcase their furniture.

"We met Michelle Sullivan of Web Matters and were impressed by her down to earth style and found her very easy to talk to. Once Michelle's webpage for us went 'live' it completely transformed our business. We were able to give up the areas of work that were less interesting and really focus on areas that we loved. As a result of Michelle's extensive SEO knowledge, we have had a very steady stream of customers wanting the services that are advertised. Furthermore, we have been told by many customers how much they love our website. We have also noticed a big difference in phone calls with customers. When speaking to customers now, we sense that they already want to work with us. Previously, when customers had looked at our website, we would still have to convince them that we were the right people to do the job. Finally, Michelle streamlined our processes. Now, almost all our customers find us on Google and contact us directly via the web-page. We can't recommend Michelle and her business Web Matters highly enough". Paul and Deb Harding-Browne

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