Counties Energy - SEO Optimization

Project Thumbail for Counties Energy - SEO Optimization - Sam Greensted
  • Revamped a 20+ page website with SEO best practices, both technical and on-page.
  • Optimized site architecture, page load speed, and mobile responsiveness.

Counties Energy recognized the importance of having an optimized website and sought my expertise to revamp their online presence. I worked on their 20+ page website, employing SEO best practices to improve its visibility and performance.

By optimizing technical aspects such as site architecture, page load speed, and mobile responsiveness, along with on-page optimizations like meta tags, headings, and content optimization, I transformed Counties Energy's website into a highly optimized platform. As a result, Counties Energy's website achieved higher search engine rankings, attracted increased organic traffic, and ultimately improved the overall digital marketing efforts for the company.

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Published on
May 11, 2024