Class Project - EDA

Class Project - EDA is a project by DanielRhodes

Published on
May 25, 2023

This application was created in a week with 6 people. Our strengths and weaknesses really showed in this timeframe as we had little time to create a full stack application. My group was trying to stick to an agile process with daily stand ups and check ins. Our product manager kept us on track as much as he could. If we had internal issues we would divide time to resolve them. We used React, Redux mySQL to create databases for our local APIS so we could manipulate data for the user to see when they toggled it. We used leaflet for our maps and had to learn this libraries documentation to fully use it for the project. The application also has more functions as a functional bill splitter to help users split payments during their trip. Also an itinerary to help the user organise their trip. Each one of these functions went on a process of constant redesigning as we had small UX process with getting outside information and trials with our current start functions and made improvements.

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