Tidal Ventures

Project Thumbail for Tidal Ventures  - Jake Fulton

Tidal Ventures are a venture capital firm based in Sydney, Australia.

They needed a new website to attract investors and startups. They wanted the design of the site to strengthen their brand, but they also needed the site to be fast and easy to keep updated.

I built the website based on the designs from their designer. The tools used were Next.js and Prismic CMS. Next.js is a modern web framework based on the popular library React. For this website, it allowed me to build a site that is super fast to navigate.

To make all the content on the website easy to update, we went with Prismic CMS. Prismic is a headless CMS. What this means is that the content editor is not closely tied to the design of the website. This generally means more flexibility for designers and content editors. Prismic also has a friendly UI that has made it easy for Tidal to keep the website updated with new content.

The result was a great site, which has been a key part to growing their business. After building and deploying the website, they later hired me again to build their Experts page (https://www.tidalvc.com/experts).

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Published on
May 10, 2024