Mark de Jong is a freelance Marketing Strategist from Dunedin

Hi, I’m Mark – a reformed spindoctor who believes in the power of storytelling. I have substantial marcomms experience and, according to a Buzzfeed quiz, the same personality type as Oprah.

My sweet spot is marketing strategy. I hold a master’s degree in marketing and have had a varied career working across almost all aspects of the discipline, from website design to event management, making me a bit of a generalist. I’ve worked for non-profits and industry bodies as well as advised a range of SMEs to ensure their campaigns are strategically sound.

I love writing, whether it be press releases or website copy, and am passionate about emotive content that uses storytelling to deliver real results. In fact, it was with storytelling in mind that I kissed the Blarney Stone in the early months of the pandemic (the things you do for good copy).

I am the sort of person that when I take on a task, I throw myself at it. In short, you can rely on me to play my part in delivering your business results.

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