Holly Horwood is a freelance WordPress Web Design Expert from Queenstown / Wanaka

Hi there! I’m Holly from Wana Web Design. I am an animal lover, travel enthusiast, mounted horseback archer in training and WordPress web design specialist. I work with small to medium-sized businesses – be they solo, or entrepreneurs who are ready to take their vision to the next level.

My finely tuned design process helps get your business discovered online faster! In just two days you will have a user-focused and intuitive website that drives the web traffic you want your way while looking fabulous. With a little bit of prep work and my technical wizardry, you’ll have a website you can be proud of done in days – not weeks or months.

Let’s work together to bring your brand voice & vision to life. I’ll take care of the nerdy stuff so you can focus on the things you really love, like running your empire!

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