Freya Harman is a freelance Business Consultant from Queenstown / Wanaka

I’m an experienced Business Consultant/Strategist, focused on making businesses better.

I assess your business, taking into consideration your current state and where you want to go, before offering solutions to any issues that surface or opportunities that I uncover. I map out how we’ll get you there, given the resources (time, money, personnel) you have available.

Bringing a diverse perspective; with a background spanning various industries, across both small and large (and public to private) organizations in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand; I thrive when working with businesses chasing growth and evolution. With university qualifications in human resources, industrial relations, commercial law, and communications, I’m a dynamic thinker, seamlessly toggling between the analytical and creative spheres when developing solutions that propel businesses forward.

Ultimately, my job is to allow you to spend more time focusing on what lights you up most – both inside and outside your business.

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