Ethan Mooney is a Video Producer from Wellington

Looking to tell your story through video? 🙋🏼‍♂️

My name’s Ethan, and I’ve been working on videos for almost 10 years now - spending the past 4.5 years running a video agency that has helped businesses around the world grow on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. The videos I have worked on have brought in millions of viewers, 10s of 1000s of engaged viewers, across the many 100s of videos I’ve put together.

I have experience across the entirety of the video production process:

✅ Putting together a cost & time effective video strategy.
✅ Helping businesses capture video for themselves easily.
✅ Ideating & scripting videos based on VSEO principles (e.g. YouTube SEO).
✅ Filming a diverse range of videos - from in-person events, talking head videos, to lifestyle shoots.
✅ Editing a range of projects within a time-efficient time-frame.
✅ Putting together a cost & time effective video strategy.
✅ Distributing videos to help maximise results and help the client get a return on time and financial investment.

I’ve worked with a range of businesses and brands. Locally these include Living Big in a Tiny House, Mortgagehq, Harrisons NZ, Celo, Kiwiamericans, Ritual & Rise. Internationally, these include Dwell, Mindvalley, Jungle Ventures, Dot Financial, Hunter Galloway, Tripaneer, Evercoach, Hotel Bergkranc.

Predominantly I’ve been editing videos for years now with a lot of them being geared more towards organic social media marketing, but I have been taking more filming/videography projects on due to being in New Zealand for a more extended period.

I enjoy the process, and even after all these years I still love providing valuable content to clients that gets them the results they need to make video a worthy habit. My work has helped businesses create thriving online communities through video, where clients have become hungrier for more output over an extended period. 

I'd love to see how I can best help your video needs. Reach out and let's see how we can tell your story through video.


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