Craig Spence is a freelance Google Developer Expert from Wellington

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I am a Senior+ level software engineer with 10 years experience building large front-end applications. From interning at Wētā Digital, to leading tech teams at Trade Me, to working on the Web Player as a Senior Engineer at Spotify in Stockholm, I've worked on a wide range of products in New Zealand and overseas, and really love building good software. My focus is front-end, but I'm comfortable in all parts of the stack. I have a lot of experience building complex user interfaces with multiple frameworks (React, Angular, Svelte etc), as well as building design systems, ensuring quality software with test automation, and measuring and improving application performance.

In addition to this, I've been speaking at conferences internationally since 2018 and have been recognised for my work in the community by Google as a Google Developer Expert for Angular. I love creating content and teaching and run workshops around the world in addition to my freelance work.

I've been doing more and more contract work over the last year and made the move to doing it full-time, as I really love the flexibility that it gives me. I'd love to come work with you and your team and level-up your software engineering capabilities - or smash out that project you need to get done!


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