Chris Hetem is a freelance Designer & Product Developer from Tauranga

<p>Hey, I'm Chris 👋 – a designer, product builder, & digital creator experienced in creating software products end-to-end – from discovery through to delivery.</p><p>Having worked across the full product lifecycle, I have a varied and unique skillset that I bring to my work leaning on lessons learned from my experiences in product development, customer success, problem discovery, and UX/UI design.</p><p>Driven by my curiousity, I love learning new things and solving challenging problems and rely on my natural ability to adapt to navigate the ambiguity that comes with designing and building new things.</p><p>I believe you can never ask too many questions, no ideas are silly, and that play is an important part of work.</p><p>In my spare time you can find me chasing surf around the country's beautiful coastline, playing disc golf, or baking a fresh loaf of bread & cooking up delicious meals with my family.</p><p>You can find recent projects I've worked on here: <a href=''></a></p>

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