Amberley Kennish is a freelance Marketing and Communications Specialist from Auckland

Hello, I'm Amberley Rose Kennish, a Marketing and Communications Consultant and Social Media expert. With a robust professional background as an Account Manager for magazines in Auckland and as a Marketing and Communications Strategist for various service-based businesses across New Zealand, I consistently deliver top-notch service with professionalism, integrity, and compassion. As a freelancer, my identity is defined by my dependability, adaptability, determination, and passion for every task I undertake. These principles have guided me through the establishment and management of my own small business, the completion of my Bachelor's degree, and a career in the public sector. While my journey included a stint on TV, a venture into the culinary world, and a role as a writer, I continue to excel in freelance work in Marketing, Social Media, and Communications within New Zealand. My commitment to innovation and integrity remains unwavering, propelling my career to new heights.

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