February 7, 2020

About this project
YouthHub is an online platform to empower young people and to bridge the gap between education and employment. Professional portfolios re-imagined. YouthHub helps tell young peoples stories as they navigate their path through education,training or employment. YouthHub recently partnered with The Warehouse and The Ministry of Social Development to create 'The Accelerator' program. Accelerator is a digital platform for young people to access on-the-job training programmes and connect with potential employers in a blended learning environment that incorporates gamification of content and a mentoring component along with the opportunity to experience work. I designed the entire YouthHub and Accelerator User Interfaces and Experiences working along side a development to meet a extremely tight project deadline. The website has been featured in The New Zealand Herald, Stuff and TradeMe.

Ben Amies has been a great asset and design leader to the team at Youth Hub. A dedicated and focused individual his talents lie in his ability to correctly identify his clients needs and goes above and beyond to provide more than what is required of him. We have been very impressed with his talents in UX/UI and especially in coming up with clean and simple user interfaces that cater for mobile and web development. Always placing the users experience first and foremost and with a hardworking dedicated attitude I would highly recommend Ben for all your creative design needs. – Senthil Perumal, YouthHub Director and Founder.

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