Seabnb is a project by PeteKershaw

Published on
May 25, 2023

Seabnb is a service that aims to make renting a mooring or berth as seamless as possible for boaties and owners.

The problem
As a boatie trying to find a suitable mooring or berth to rent when out whilst sailing around NZ is a challenge, this is equally true for the owner to rent out their mooring or berth.

The solution
A platform that provides boaties with lots of mooring and berth options to choose from that they can book instantly, and for owners to manage those bookings with ease.

The process
I started with a minimum viable product concentrating on building just enough to present to mooring and berth owners. The feedback they provided was used to determine what features are a must for owners, then the same approach for boaties. The application continues to be developed as it grows.

It has been built using Next.js, a framework for building full stack ReactJS web applications. The application stores data in MongoDB, as well as integrating with the following services

  • Auth0 for user management
  • Stripe for payment processing
  • Mapbox for display of mooring and berths on a map
  • Amazon Simple Email Service for sending emails
  • Vercel for application deployment and hosting

The outcome
Seabnb is being used by owners and boaties around New Zealand.

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