Re-Design and Development Website

Re-Design and Development Website is a project by RezaHakimyar


HOST International Aotearoa New Zealand (HOST) needed a new website to reflect its values and showcase its innovative employment and integration solutions for resettled former refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers. The website had to be user-friendly, informative, and visually appealing.


To address the challenge, the web development team conducted extensive research to ensure that the website design and content would be engaging and easy to navigate. They incorporated the organization’s branding elements to give the website a cohesive and professional look. The team also developed a user-friendly interface to improve navigation and made the website responsive to different devices.

The website included sections such as “About Us,” “The way we work,” “Services,” “News,” “Global Talent,” and “Contact Us.” These sections allowed visitors to learn more about HOST’s mission and values, the programs and initiatives offered by the organization, and the impact they have made on the resettlement process for former refugees and migrants.


The newly designed website for HOST International Aotearoa New Zealand (HOST) improved the organization’s online presence and provided a user-friendly experience for visitors. The website showcased HOST’s innovative approach to the resettlement process and highlighted its impact on the community’s social and economic inclusion. The success stories featured on the website helped to promote the organization’s work and encouraged visitors to get involved. The new website helped to foster humanity, hope, and dignity for resettled and host communities, promoting individual and community well-being.

Skills Involved

HTML, JavaScript, CSS, WIX, UI Design, UX Design, Website Development, and Search Engine Optimization.

Tags: design website, e-commerce, mobile, responsive design, software, UI, User interface, UX, web design, website

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Published on
July 16, 2023