New Zealand Police - Covid Safety Video

New Zealand Police - Covid Safety Video is a project by ByronTaylor

During the Covid-19 lockdown period of 2020, New Zealand Police released a closed tender for production companies to come up with a creative concept to communicate safety messages around Covid 19 through an engaging social media video. The goal was to remind New Zealanders of the safety measures they can take to stay healthy and safe, as well as to remember to keep hopeful and stay kind to one another. Moments Productions submitted a creative concept, which New Zealand Police awarded the tender to.

Our concept was to create a music video, called Pull Together, featuring a cast of singers and dancers, leveraging the style of the popular platform TikTok where people create and share fun short-form video content (such as dance videos). Working to tight timings (with a 1-week turnaround), we commissioned the following:
- Song-writer to write the lyrics (working collaboratively with NZ Police to finesse the lyrics to ensure their key messages were communicated)
- Music composer (a track that was upbeat, worked with the lyrics and we could choreography catchy dance moves to)
- Dance choreographer
- Dancers: we did a call-out on social media for people to learn the dance moves and submit their videos of them doing the Pull Together TikTok-style dance
- Singers: Abbie McKoy, best Māori Male Artist, Maaka Fiso & best Māori Female Artist, Amba Holly
- Sound engineer, studio hire and lighting

We were able to pull all these elements and people together to make this video happen and the end result was a high-energy, engaging music video that delivered to the client’s brief and achieved cut-through with the target audience.

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Published on
January 30, 2024