Hogarth Chocolate Packaging

Case Study: Branding and Packaging Design for Hogarth Chocolate

Client: Hogarth Chocolate


After engaging several international design agencies without finding a satisfactory solution, Karl and Marina Hogarth were referred to me, located just a few kilometers from their craft chocolate factory floor. Initially, they sought an extremely minimal, high-end luxury design for their chocolate packaging.


My initial task was to create a minimal, high-end luxury design for Hogarth Chocolate's packaging. However, the design took a significant turn when the Hogarths connected with an illustration I had previously created of a boat at sea. This illustration was embossed on expensive art paper stock, giving birth to the Hogarth chocolate brand.

Evolution of Design:

As demand grew and Hogarth Chocolate sought to stock their products on supermarket shelves, the packaging design needed to evolve into a more commercially viable treatment. While maintaining the initial elements, I created a larger and bolder packaging that ensured Hogarth stood out on shelves, while also reducing unit production costs.

Innovative Chocolate Bar Design:

Karl wanted a unique design for the chocolate bar itself, moving away from the standard 'block' design. Drawing inspiration from the original illustration, I designed a layout for the chocolate mold that was a work of art in its own right. With Danny's expertise, we created a 3D render of the bar design, which was then converted to a 3D model and sent to Europe to be made into a beautiful mold.


Hogarth Chocolate has received international recognition for both its flavor and design, experiencing continued growth and success. The innovative packaging and bar design have contributed to the brand's unique identity and appeal, setting it apart in the competitive chocolate market.

Augmented Reality (AR) Experience:

In 2023, Marina and Karl approached us to create an Augmented Reality (AR) experience for Hogarth Chocolate. The hard work and dedication we put into this project make us proud of the final result, further enhancing the brand's reputation for innovation and creativity.

This case study showcases my ability to create impactful and innovative branding and packaging designs that not only meet the clients' initial requirements but also evolve to meet their changing needs and contribute to their ongoing success.

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Published on
May 8, 2024