Brand Identity Design for an Organic Skincare Company

Explore how Mānuka’s brand identity captures the essence of sustainability and luxury in skincare.

Project Thumbail for Brand Identity Design for an Organic Skincare Company - Debbie  Stannard

Mānuka are driven by a deep commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and the pursuit of luxury intertwined with ethical values. I encapsulated Mānuka’s brand essence in every aspect of the design, from the logo to the colour palette, reflecting the dedication to providing a luxurious experience while prioritising the well-being of both people and the planet.

The logo features an oil drop with a flowing abstract Mānuka petal design inside. This imagery symbolises the essence of Mānuka oil, embodying its healing properties and the health benefits it brings. The singular drop signifies the rarity and preciousness of this medicinal plant product, echoing the sentiments of Māori who consider Mānuka a taonga.

The dark meadow green colour and natural colour palette represents the core values and aspirations of the Mānuka brand:

  • Health and Wellness: Green is associated with vitality and harmony, highlighting the health and wellness benefits of Mānuka oil.
  • Nature’s Balance: The colour embodies the balance and growth found in nature, aligning with the philosophy of harnessing natural ingredients for the purpose of holistic well-being.
  • Sophistication and Luxury: Dark green exudes sophistication and luxury, evoking a sense of exclusivity and refinement that characterises the brand.
  • The choice of a simple yet sophisticated sans-serif font for the text further reinforces the brand ethos. It exudes elegance and modernity, while remaining versatile enough to adapt to various communication mediums and applications.

    The brand design embodies the balance of luxury, sustainability, and wellness. Mānuk is not just about a product; it’s a lifestyle choice that allows people to look better, feel better, and live better - all while honouring the wisdom of nature.

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Published on
June 13, 2024