Seamless Process. Transparent Pricing. Clear Deliverables.

Benefit from pre-packaged services, transparent pricing, and clear deliverables delivered by local experts.

Screenshot of Unicorn Factory Blueprint
Evergreen Marketing Video for New Zealand SMEs - Ethan Mooney

Evergreen Marketing Video for New Zealand SMEs

Boost your brand's reach with our timeless video content, tailor-made to engage with New Zealand's diverse SME landscape.
Branding Services for Kiwi Hospitality Businesses - Summer Mark

Branding Services for Kiwi Hospitality Businesses

Shape your unique identity with our bespoke branding solutions, specifically curated for New Zealand's vibrant hospitality sector.
Webflow Development for Kiwi Startups - Samantha Thornton-Jones

Webflow Development for Kiwi Startups

Kick-start your online presence with our expert Webflow development service, perfectly designed for innovative Kiwi startups.
GA4 Integration Solutions for Kiwi SMEs - Uppli Eswar

Google Analytics 4 Setup for Data-Driven Kiwi Businesses

Unlock growth for your Kiwi business with our streamlined Google Analytics 4 setup service, delivering insightful data for informed decision-making.
Corporate Report Design Services for NZ Businesses - Alysa Wakefield

Corporate Report Design Services for NZ Businesses

Elevate your business communication with our professional corporate report design solutions, tailored for New Zealand's dynamic business environment.


What is a blueprint project?

A Blueprint Project is essentially a service package, expertly curated by Unicorn Factory and executed by vetted local freelancers. Each package is designed with clear deliverables and predetermined pricing to simplify the freelance hiring process, thereby providing a smooth, stress-free experience for businesses.

How do blueprint projects differ from traditional freelance hiring?

Traditional freelance hiring involves searching for freelancers, negotiating rates, and setting expectations which can be time-consuming and unpredictable. Blueprint Projects, however, offer a more streamlined alternative with their pre-defined services, clear deliverables, and transparent pricing. This novel approach reduces uncertainty and enhances efficiency in the hiring process.

What services do Blueprint projects offer?

Blueprint Projects cover a diverse range of services tailored to meet the demands of different business sectors. These services are created in collaboration with experienced freelancers who have a proven track record of delivering high-quality work. We engage with these freelancers to create a Blueprint Project that aligns with the specific needs of businesses.

How is the pricing of blueprint projects structured? Any hidden costs?

Each Blueprint Project comes with a set price that provides businesses with full transparency regarding costs. There are no hidden fees. However, for businesses with unique or custom requirements, additional services (add-ons) may be available at an extra cost. This would always be discussed with the freelancer upfront to avoid surprises later on.

How are blueprint project deliverables defined?

The deliverables for each Blueprint Project are meticulously defined based on extensive research. We evaluate past successful projects, market trends, and specific industry requirements to identify the key deliverables at different business stages. These packages are then customized to include these key deliverables, but if you require further customization, there are add-ons available to cater to those needs.

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