Mark Radley is a Videographer from Napier

I am a New Zealand based filmmaker, director and editor. I have worked with a long list of respected clients over my 30+year career with experience in many genre, but my speciality now lies more in the area of commercial and documentary film making.

I started my career as a graphic designer but quickly found my way into television working initially at Sky News in London. From there I moved into the promotions department team looking after the marketing of all of Sky’s platform channels.

After an OE I successfully started Indelible in the UK. When I moved to NZ for family in 2007 I continued on the business here, after a 1 year stint at TV3 in Auckland. Indelible UK&NZ were full service video production companies. I recently sold my shares in Indelible NZ to pursue more invigorating video opportunities.

I have much experience as a live action director and scriptwriter and have a thorough knowledge and understanding of pre-production, production and post production processes. I have worked in all areas of production from live 24 hour News to high end commercials. I have filmed at many locations, in the smallest studios with basic setups to larger stages like Shepperton and Black Island (UK) and South Pacific Pictures in NZ. I have been a commercial music composer and I am also a recipient of a Promotion and Advertising Executives Award [Promax]. I am currently working as a freelance and video marketing consultant for various companies.

My clients have included: Barclays Commercial Banking, Hyundai Cars UK, British Sky Broadcasting, ITV, National Geographic Channel, The History Channel, Viacom Brand Solutions, The Bio Channel, Gillette, TV3(NZ), C4(NZ), EIT.

I love meeting people and hearing their story, and if I can film it, even better! Whatever it is, doco, promo, corporate, branded, let's have a chat.


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