Suhel Mangera is a Product manager from Wellington

I have a unique talent stack that combines data, product management and no code skills that makes me uniquely positioned to help you in many ways.

I have over 14 years experience in data, analytics and data strategy at Trade Me, Storypark and ImpactLab. My focus is primarily is understanding what key business questions need to be answered in collaboration with my clients, proposing options and executing iteratively to achieve outcomes.

Along with this, I have over 6 years of experience in product management (PM) at Trade Me, Storypark and Xero. I am full stack PM. That means, I lead on work to define the product vision, strategy, roadmap, and execution. As a consultant, I can work with you to define your PM practices, be a sounding board for your strategy, be a PM to validate new ideas without distracting your teams, coach and mentor your product people as well as represent product at the senior leadership.

Lastly, if you need no-code support or strategy, I can help with that too. I am versed in Airtable, Stacker, Zapier, Power Automate and various other no code tools to help you achieve more faster and cut down cost.


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