Stephanie Lincke is a Full stack mobile game dev from Wellington

For more than 15 years I've been working professionally in game development. I have built up a specialist skill set in the backend side of things; server dev, databases, cloud architecture, etc. Nowadays, I am mostly working on my own free to play mobile title which is doing well so far in its early access release.

I am a "full stack" mobile game dev; I have a good understanding about free to play mechanics and monetization, I can set you up with a cloud based back end and database, and I am fluent with Unity too! Just the art you would want to outsource to someone else :)

While my own game keeps me fairly busy, I am open to short or mid term opportunities. I can build you a prototype or possibly fill in while you have to bridge a gap. I would also give advice on your games architecture and systems.

4 years ago the elite "Looksee Wellington" campaign uprooted my life and I moved from Germany to New Zealand; certainly my biggest adventure so far, and I've grown to love it here! Looking forward to meeting you!


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