Sarah Hyndman is a freelance Communications Specialist from Auckland

As a Communications and Marketing Specialist with over 15 years of industry experience, I have successfully managed communication strategies for large, well-known companies; driving audience engagement and boosting brand awareness.

Through my experience I've learned that crafting captivating content is more than just a skill; it's an art. And creating content that truly connects is my forte.

As a copywriter at heart, I love nothing more than identifying the most captivating angles and weaving them into copy that grabs the reader's attention and leaves them wanting more. With expertise in creative communications and a sharp eye for design, I pride myself on creating content that's both aesthetically pleasing and highly effective.

For the last few years I have been running my own e-commerce business where I juggle everything from communications and marketing, social media, sales, strategy, branding and everything in between. Running my own business has allowed me to gain valuable insights into the importance of highly-engaging content at every touchpoint of the customer journey, along with the most effective strategies for building a thriving and successful brand.

In this role, I managed and optimised all communications and digital marketing campaigns; including ads, social media, press, blogs, promotions and email campaigns to increase brand awareness and boost sales. I designed and built a high-converting website and created SEO-optimised web copy, which intertwined with my campaigns to create a holistic approach to the customer journey.

From strategic social media posts to interesting blogs and press releases, I have a knack for connecting with readers and engaging them in unique and compelling ways.

I'm excited to leverage both my communication expertise and small business experience to help other companies flourish. Together, we can create engaging content strategies that deliver results.

I have extensive experience in the following areas and I would love to help your business succeed:

  • Engaging email marketing campaigns
  • Optimised email marketing automations
  • Effective and optimised website copy
  • SEO-optimised blogs
  • Compelling ad copy
  • Newsletters and updates
  • Flyers and brochures


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