Sam Browne is a SEO Expert from Auckland

I am an SEO pro and serial entrepreneur with 12 years of experience building successful online businesses.
My Background
I launched my first online business, Findaband, in 2008. With no money for expensive online ads, I chose instead to begin studying and applying SEO techniques.
Six months later, Findaband became the number one website for live entertainment bookings in New Zealand. It has been in the top position ever since.
Since then, I have launched Auckland Weddings, Wellington Weddings and New Zealand Venues, along with a number of smaller sites that are specifically dedicated to dominating specific keywords. My sites now rank at #1 for all relevant keywords.

Book A Call
I offer a free 30 minute zoom call where we discuss your goals, expectations and your business.
I do a site audit before the call and share my findings and thoughts with you when we talk. I also prepare a PDF version of the audit for your reference, which is yours to keep.
If we decide to work together, I'll create a strategy for your business, and give you regular monthly updates as we move towards your goals.
If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you optimise your site, book a call with me.

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