Ricky S. Katafono is a freelance Figma Designer & Webflow Developer from Auckland

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👋 Hola! I truly appreciate you dropping in! So, a tiny bit about me. I'm a web designer and no-code developer who knows their stuff. I'm in my early 30s and have dabbled in multiple businesses (they just weren't my thing) during my 20s. I recently graduated with a degree in Computer Science from UoA and now run a part-time EdTech startup. Bottom line? I've learned a thing or two, and am ready to build, share and learn.

⭐️ My Tools & Process

  • I use Figma for design and Webflow for development.
  • I work with no-code tools to work fast and efficiently.
  • I am a programmer by certification.
  • I use agile methods like Notion, Jira and Trello.

😍 My interests and specialty
As a huge Disney fan, storytelling is in my DNA, and that's why I'm passionate about crafting websites with illustrations, motion graphics, and 3D assets. With these tools at my fingertips, I love to create stunning websites that not only showcase your brand but also captivate your audience.

💜 My preferred collaborators
I thrive on collaborating with business owners who are passionate about their work and their audience.

🚀 Next action steps...
Save the email and Book a Zoom/Google Meet call with me. Either way, you'll walk away with ideas or a partnership with me to bring your vision to life. https://calendly.com/kynd-creative-agency/30min


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