Penny Royal is a Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Surface Pattern Designer from Nelson

I have a Bachelor of Arts and Media Degree from NMIT and work from my home office in Nelson, New Zealand freelancing as Penny Royal Design. I do a mixture of graphic design, illustration and surface pattern designing, I just love being creative, whether that is bringing other people’s visions to life... or my own!

If you’re looking for someone to tackle your graphic design work, I’d love to help you out. I’m ready to take on creative projects and have a special passion for creating layouts and advertising material for events, products, designs and branding. I particularly enjoy working with female run small businesses and creating promotional material for other creatives.

I also love drawing and creating illustrations, and particularly for repeating surface pattern designs. I sell most of my designs as fabric and wallpaper through a US website called Spoonflower, but I also license my existing designs to businesses for their products (like prints for cloth nappies or clothing), and I can also create custom exclusive patterns for you too.

Illustration projects are good fun too. I usually use a black pen outline and either add patterning or watercolour to it. The illustrations often become art prints but sometimes end up being worked into the graphic design or surface pattern work too. I’ll change up my own themes depending on inspiration and mood; drawing animals, plants, people and even vehicles but if you have a particular project in mind, I’d love to hear from you.


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