Patrick Rose is a Photographer from Christchurch

Once I was working as a kitchen hand for 5 years, but I have recently left my job to pursue my passion for photography. I started taking photography in my last year in high school with a Gopro HD, and somehow noticed I was getting higher grades than what I expected. Later that year, I discovered my great Grandfather was a serious/enthusiastic photographer/videographer after World War 2. After finishing high school in 2013, I studied outdoor recreation at Ara for a year, and I studied for my PADI Scuba Instructor's certification in 2016.

Unfortunately I had been unable to find a thriving job in either industry, so I decided to pick up my camera in 2017. Since 2017, I have been photographing Tennis Canterbury for 3 years from their casual game days/club gatherings to their tournaments/championships.

In 2018 my friends decided to create the band "The Preservatives" who have performed live at the Festival of Lights in Lyttelton, an after-party for the Queens of the Stone-age tour at Morrell & Co. and a fundraiser event at Little River.

In 2019, I have worked alongside Metropol Magazine for a month, photographing products and events from local businesses, I volunteer to photograph for the students at Ara Musical Arts/Jazz School, Photographed an engagement party, continued photographing for Tennis Canterbury's events, and I took part in photographing a charitable auction in the Tannery run by Pathway Charitable Group based here in Christchurch.
As of 2020, I have started the year with a wedding, and I have been asked to photograph and film more upcoming weddings in 2020.

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