Oscar Perry is a freelance Industrial Designer - Digital Artist from Wellington

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I am a product designer trained at Victoria university. I have spent the last 5 years working freelance, in tertiary education and in the New Zealand Hollywood film Industry. I specialize in computer aided design, digital fabrication and public art. I have an advanced knowledge of Rhino 3D and production file generation for CNC, laser and 3D printing. I have a passion for working with clients, visualizing their ideas into the digital world through the concept phase to then take into real world manufacturing.

In my time working in the film industry I have gained extensive experience in designing custom builds, requiring an incredibly high level of craft and accuracy to tight deadlines. I have a passion for high end products. My work experience spans through lighting, sculpture and fine art. I bring a practical real world approach to digital design with an ability to bring designs however artistic or complex into reality.


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