Do you use sponsorship within your marketing mix? Either through purchasing rights to a sponsorship property, event, organisation as part of your marketing mix, or as an organisation looking to acquire sponsors?

If you're stuck, or even just want to level up the results you're getting from your sponsorships, I can help.

To work with me, you'll be looking for help in one of the following areas:
- Need help developing an awesome sponsorship strategy (anyone)
- An organisation needing better leverage ideas to get a return on their sponsorship spend (corporates)
- An organisation wanting corporate sponsors, but doesn't know what they have to offer, or how to approach sponsors (rights holders)
- How to measure results (anyone)
- Maybe you're a consultant who just needs an extra hand to bounce some ideas around (sponsorship consultant)
- You're wondering if you have the right sponsorships (corporates)

I'm fortunate enough to be a multi award winning sponsorship professional who's work has been recognised globally. I've spent 15years working for some of the biggest brands on the planet and I love it when people get sponsorship right, it can make a huge impact when executed well.

Get in touch today for a chat.

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