Megan Sheerin is a Brand & Communications Strategist from Auckland

How do you rethink your business so it’s nimble, stronger and more profitable? In today’s market, savvy companies know now is the time for the right strategy and action. But knowing where to focus and what works can be tough when you’re close to things.

As a seasoned strategist and marketer, I help smart brands find and keep their edge in a dynamic, digital world. Having spent 20 years rethinking businesses and reinventing brands, I’ve learned to help others see new possibilities. I believe this is the secret to adapting now—and building a sustainable business into the future.

International leadership and consulting experience at Ogilvy and blue-chip companies including Bayer, Coke, Fonterra, Nestlé and others has given me deep expertise in navigating global and NZ organisations through change. Client-side roles and working with small businesses and entrepreneurs mean I’ve also had my hands in the clay, helping scale ideas into successful businesses, and leading the agile, digital campaigns that inspire people to commit to a brand and create value. My strength is defining untapped market opportunities and the strategic approach needed to crack them.

How I can help you:

-      Brand strategy -      Digital strategy and marketing -      Category innovation, new markets, new revenue streams -      Customer experience and customer journeys -      End-to-end marketing communications planning and execution

Case Studies

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