Masillan Veejian is a freelance Photographer, Videographer & Director from Auckland

I love creating dope imagery, and I love seeing people visions come to life. To me, there's so much more to a brand besides its product or a service it goes deeper then that. Through the use of visual storytelling, working with the people with the vision to make clean imagery with the spice of good ol' creativity, I'd love to help show the world your brand, its values, and help them fall in love with what you offer.

Whether it's a service, business or a showcase, your brand passion combined with my craft would make us an unstoppable team. We'd get heads turning and people screaming (in excitement).

To be honest I love this job so much, I love creating dope content, meeting people and consistently learning, I'd do it for free, but life hahaha.


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Masillan is currently not taking on any new clients

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