Lucy Mullinger is a Copywriter from Tauranga

Prior to my life as a journalist, I was employed as a sales trainer and portfolio manager. Thanks to that experience, coupled with over a decade writing and editing magazines and newspapers; I have a great understanding of how to communicate to your target market in a clear and concise manner, every time.

The customers you want to keep coming back, need to know exactly what you offer, without the office jargon. They just want clear, concise information at the tip of their fingers.

I pride myself on my friendly, approachable manner and like to get to know you and the people who work for you, so I can tailor all communications into your unique style.

Thanks to my experience as a communication's specialist for a variety of financial and accounting firms, I am well versed in building an effective marketing plan and writing collateral that meets those goals.

Let me assist you in creating powerful information that will make you stand out from your competitors and ensure that future customers become your number-one fans.

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