Leandro Poblet is a freelance Senior Automation QA from Auckland

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I am an experienced software tester working with experience in test automation. I enjoy learning new things and challenging myself. I work well on my own but also enjoy collaborating with others. I have experience as both a team member and team leader. I am driven towards delivering quality products and automating the process. If it can be scripted, it should!

I have over six yearsโ€™ experience as a QA engineer working in different and demanding industries like telecommunications, health and e-commerce. From very early in my career I had the opportunity to work as a tester as well as developer of mainframe applications using COBOL. Believe it or not, the lack of UI made any testing performed what we would call today automated.
Upon moving to New Zealand I was given the opportunity to develop automation tests for desktop applications at Winscribe where I was exposed to agile methodologies and increased my knowledge on virtual machines, databases and script languages as well as APIs.
More recently I have been part of a team helping automate web applications on both e-commerce and CRM platforms. These experiences have given me a deeper level of understanding of the QA processes, tools and Scrum methodologies. They have also given me an appreciation of understanding how important it is for customers and end users that we maintain high levels of quality in our products.
Throughout these roles I have continued my learning both at work, online in my spare time, and regularly attend meet ups, one of which was about automation testing hosted by Unicorn Factory. I enjoy updating my knowledge and through this I have grown as a tester as well as in my personal life. It is important for me that I continue to be challenged and to learn.


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