Laura Hogg is a Marketing Consultant from Wellington

Hi! I’m Laura, I have a myriad of skills and experience including graphic design, marketing, web design, social media management, business development, project planning, solutions architecture and so on. There are plenty of buzz words I could use to describe myself and my work but the main thing that sets me apart from a lot of other designers and marketers is I deliver honest, no-BS, straight-up and high-quality services. Whether you're looking for someone to help you with a one-off piece, project, or ongoing work I can help.

I am the mind behind fwcreative which was established early 2016, in response to a friend’s call for marketing, sales and general business support in their small plumbing business.

When I started I had 15 years’ experience in several industries - investment banking, commercial real estate, consumer retail, telecommunications, and technology & IT – I grew tired of pointless meetings, bloated invoices, and poor-quality services, I decided I would deliver a service that cut all the extra crap out of the “consultant” experience. I pride myself on being 100% upfront and honest at the same time as delivering high-quality design and marketing.

I can help you develop a logo or help you brand (or rebrand) your entire business. I can complete one-off design projects for you (posters, signage, graphics for your website, brochures or anything else), or I can be your outsourced ongoing designer. Any work that needs a designer, big or small, I've got you covered.

I can work with just about any medium or marketing channel, and can give you one-off marketing services (like coming up with a one-time social media campaign, or a flyer drop to a local neighbourhood), right through to multiple-month, multi-channel campaign projects.

If you're interested in how I can your business get in touch!


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