Laird Kruger is a freelance Web Developer / Designer from Wellington

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Kia ora!

I'm a Wellington-based web developer and digital designer currently working with brands and businesses to craft unique, experimental and effective web experiences.

My passions currently straddled between super-satisfying user interactions, utilising precise typography, exploring challenging design systems, spinning up silky-smooth performances, and writing clean as code.

I have professional experience with and favour working with the following technologies:

  • WebGL (three.js, GLSL shaders, and react-three-fiber)
  • React (with Zustand for state management)
  • Webflow (both its CMS and its wicked eCommerce)
  • SASS / CSS / Vanilla Javascript
  • GSAP, Barba.js (animations and transitions)
  • (content management system)
  • Figma (design and prototyping)
  • Blender (3D modelling, rigging and animation)

It's an interesting and exciting time to be a part of the web industry. Powerful emerging technologies and fresh new design trends are giving way to some absolutely crazy, next-level web experiences. Let's make something next-level together!


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