Kyle Cree is a Full-stack web developer from Hamilton

Hi, my name is Kyle and currently I study Software Engineering at Waikato University, and as such have fallen in love with computers. Just the sheer possibility of what can be done on them amazes me, you start with nothing and in the end, it could be a product that changes the world.

Websites. Something that everyone uses and as time has gone on users have expected more and more. In today’s world almost every business has some form of a website, whether that be a small static website just to show information about the store or a larger eCommerce website, or even something totally custom for a startup. For all these needs I am the perfect guy.

As a client, I make sure you are taken care of. This means updates as often as you want as well as allowing you to be involved as much or as little as you want. You should expect top quality of work along with good knowledge from me to be able to help provide the best solution for your needs. Remember the most common way for someone to find out about your business is through a website. However, first impressions are everything on the web, did you know most customers decide if they will stay or leave a site in the first 3 seconds? What I am saying is your website needs to be not just good but exceptional, the design, the user interface, load times, what the site can do. Again, I am here to do all of this.

I have many different technologies that I can use depending on your situation, but my favourite and the ones I am the most knowledgeable at is the MERN stack (MongoDB, express, react, node). If you want to know more about what I use and how I use it feel free to reach out and I will happily discuss it.

Feel free to reach out and ask any questions.


Please Note - I am currently at max capacity, so please allow 3 - 5 days for an email response.

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