Hey, I'm Je t'aime. And I know what you're thinking, so I will answer your question: Yes, my name is French for 'I love you'. What can I say, I have eccentric parents.

If you need a highly experienced copywriter you can trust to care about the success of your business, we need to talk. I have over 14 years of experience in advertising, content marketing and editorial copy. In other words, I can edit a page into a paragraph, but I’m also a storyteller that knows how to weave a good yarn.

These days I enjoy running my own copywriting and content marketing business from my home office, but I've worked for big, medium and small advertising agencies on copy for household names such as Dr Martens, Watties, Kiwibank, Meridian Energy, Vodafone, The Warehouse, Serato, HealthPost and Fidelity Life. I also have a tonne of experience in print and digital women’s magazines, where I have worked as both beauty editor and editor.

I can help you to define your brand's tone of voice, assist with editing and produce magazine quality copy for EDMs, blog posts, websites and social media along with content planning for all the above.

Last Updated
May 27, 2020
Published On
May 22, 2020

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