Jeremy Stead is a Web Designer from Nelson

Before cofounding EthicallyMAD in 2018 Jeremy ran a small web design agency. Jeremy became interested in digital marketing when he realised that many businesses fail because they don’t build marketing into their business plan. This is what pushed him to learn everything he could about conversion based web design. The majority of web agencies can build beautiful looking websites but unfortunately they forget one key thing. People need to be able to use the site. Over the last few years Jeremy has focused his time on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). In short building sites that turn viewers into leads and sales. Here is quick tip you can use for your own site. Show somebody your site who has never seen it before then ask them the following three questions. 1. Do you trust it? 2. How can this business help you? 3. Do you know what action to take next? If they can’t answer those three questions then you know you’ve got room for improvement :). One day he hopes EthicallyMAD will be able to fund a non-profit that takes a holistic approach to restoring and protecting the worlds oceans through filming documentaries and education.


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