Ismay Verbeek is a Illustrator & Designer from Auckland

Who am I?

I am a Dutch illustrator and designer located in Auckland. I have a passion for creating whimsical, bright, playful illustrations and digital visuals. My personal motivations to create are mainly based on nature and creating a better future. Hobbies that fill my time: photography, my baking blog and wooden spoon carving.

My background

Because of my BSc in Game Art & Design I have a very broad background in creating and implementing visuals in digital appliances like websites, games and apps. Because the projects were very versatile I turned myself in a very allround artist who is comfortable with traditional, digital and 3D art. I worked on websites, interactive 3D environments, 2D games, apps using eye tracking software, AR games but also physical games. Courses I attend in my free time involved front end development for websites and coding.

My Work

I just started out as a freelance illustrator and artist, where I gained some experience in rebranding, logo and packaging design for a local, natural cosmetic brand. I am interested to gain more experience in creating visuals or illustrations for brands/companies with a positive connection to the environment or food. I create work using the following tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, gouache and watercolour paints.

examples of work you can hire me for: - illustrations - visuals for magazines/books/websites - 2D assets for websites/apps/games - logo design - packaging design - pattern design for products/textiles

Case Studies

Woman and portfolio screenshot illustration from
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