Gareth Hadden is a Videographer from Wellington

I'm Gareth a freelancer in; Videography, Photography, Animation, Design and bad shower singing. Through this line of work I have been able to work with amazing brands such as; Mitsubishi, Hnry, Xterra, Health care plus as well as work on some awesome music videos (some gaining over 250,000 views).

I am truly happy when I am creating something that is left field, something that shows the subject in a different light or view. I like pushing the question of "Why?" when it comes to traditional techniques to create an awesome and unique finished product.

My biggest passion though is people, I love trying to understand what makes us all think so differently. I love the challenge of communicating different ideas to people and I have found videography the most successful for me. Lets meet for a coffee sometime and explore how we can produce something memorable.


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