Derrick Sims is a freelance Photographer from Palmerston North

My professional career began when I was fresh into university, & one of my short films was recognised by the proprietor of IMAX. This soon led to my first feature, (_War Eagle, _2006), & for the next 14 years I've served mostly as a DoP/Editor/Colourist (and sometimes Writer/Director/Producer) on feature films, shorts, music videos, & commercials.

In 2016, I moved my family to NZ, & I'm now a permanent resident available to work anywhere in Aotearoa. When it comes to preference, I enjoy narrative filmmaking most. Short term or long term, it doesn't matter. Research, prepping, & planning are a big staple of my workflow, & I love being involved - prep through post.

My knowledge of film process and film history goes deep. Movies have been my life for most of my life, and I'm still as excited about creating them now as I've ever been.

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