Dale Nel is a freelance Web Content Writer & Strategist from Auckland

Hey there, I'm Dale (but you already knew that).

I'm a web-specializing copywriter with over six years of experience, servicing clients from London, Israel, the U.S., all the way to good old Aotearoa. I'm here to open up a can of whoop-ass on your content, because I believe that great writing is all about connection and authenticity. That's what drives clients to convert and stick around long-term.

I love working with businesses to understand their story and unique selling point, then injecting that magic into their copy. I help independent entrepreneurs build their brands from the ground-up with content strategies, as well as enriching content to drive conversions and brand loyalty for multi-national companies as their offerings expand.

Having worked as a content writer and game designer, I'm all about a research-first approach. Creating authentic, down-to-earth content that converts is about understanding who you're talking to! When you work with me, you work with a ride or die. My favorite part of the job is connecting with clients, understanding their unique point of view, and working to create a content strategy that makes their brand sing.

I'm chomping at the bit to work with clients that want to balance a great offering with a rich content personality, especially in the SaaS, mental wellness, entrepreneurship, and coaching spaces (though I'm comfortable in many more areas!).

Some of the content I can handle for you:

Articles (well-researched & on-brand)

Landing Pages (optimized for your customer's journey with primary and LSI keywords)

Lead Magnets/Downloadables (researched, written, structured, and designed)

Content Strategy (monthly, quarterly, yearly)

Email Marketing Flows (targeted at awareness, consideration, or conversion)

I can also handle pigeons and conduct wedding ceremonies (but not at the same time, feathers).

Long story short? You need killer copy, and I've got it.

Let's talk!


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