Cory Carr is a freelance Graphic and Packaging Designer from Christchurch

Hello, I'm Cory Carr, a Christchurch Graphic and Packaging Designer, here to help bring your brands and products to life to create a more memorable experience for your customers. In a world with so many brands, products and different ways for your customers to purchase, it can be hard to stand out from the rest. We understand you're juggling multiple suppliers, shipping delays, markets with different requirements and rapidly changing prices, all whilst trying to stay competitive. We hear you, and here's how we can help...

I have over ten years of experience in the design industry. I was the Senior Designer for one of New Zealand's largest wineries, managing over 300 labels and new product development projects alongside sales requests for markets worldwide. To help your products stand out from the rest, we follow our methodology: ' _Get the Attention, Make the Connection, Remember the Experience, ' _ helping create a strong position for your brands and products wherever and however they are seen, sold and used around the world.

I find that working with smaller businesses has the most significant impact. You might be starting out, wanting to grow or move your products into new markets. Alternatively, you may simply want to refresh your brand's look and feel. I can also help with sourcing packaging, GS1 Barcodes and other tasks to help simplify your workload!

Together, we can make a change and be more mindful, sustainable, and caring. Please reach out if I can help you or if you just want to chat!


Please Note - I am currently at max capacity, so please allow 3 - 5 days for an email response.

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