christopher chase is a freelance Photographer from Auckland

Hi there! I am a self taught Commercial and Advertising Adventure Sports Photographer. I started my company last year with the vision of working with businesses in the outdoor and adventure markets to create relatable and impactful imagery of their products or services.

I have worked with the likes of NZ Tourism, Destination Coromandel, Got To Get Out, NZ Ocean Swim, People's Triathlon Series and more...and I am a part of the Advertising and Illustrative Photographer's Association (AIPA), an association that represents some of the top advertising photographers in the country.

My goals in working with companies is to analyse their company slogan and determine how we can produce imagery that matches their slogan and will set them apart from their competition. I bring over 20 years outdoor experience the table, carrying my cameras on expeditions like 10 day hikes, backcountry snowboarding and even while mountain I can achieve a variety of results for clients in a variety of adventure sports...while making sure to keep the cameras safe and the content secure.

I am always keen on more adventures with new clients!


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christopher is currently not taking on any new clients

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