Bryan Scott is a Marketing & Design Specialist from Auckland

I'm an experienced, professional, full-time Campaign Marketing Executive & Designer with over 5 years experience under my belt. I currently work in project management, mass-campaign marketing and event development in the tourism industry, with a heavy focus on digital, content creation and lead generation.

Previously I have worked as a digital and web marketer for a small-business landscaping company and more recently have evolved into a digital and social media marketer with a focus on Facebook, Instagram & Google SEO plus website focuses including Drupal, Wix & Wordpress.

My education lies in a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English, and I am actively studying towards my Masters of Arts majoring in English, so I have exceptional copywriting ability. In my current position, as a Campaign Marketing Lead, I am the lead and editor of a luxury 82 page magazine that gets distributed to over 10,000 letterboxes nationwide plus 35,000+ inboxes via DM.

If you're after any of the beneath, I'd love to chat and help: 📍 Content creation and copywriting, especially for blogs, social media content and website content. 📍 Brand design and development, including logos, websites, flyers or branded collateral, to name a few. 📍 Social Media and Direct Marketing support including creation of content and graphics, plus distribution and optimisation. 📍 Expert advice on how to efficiently run your marketing channels and deliver timely, effective content to your audience.

I endeavour with all clients to teach the basics of what I've done when I sign over a project, to ensure that you as a client have control over the basics of what has been established.


Please Note - I am currently at max capacity, so please allow 3 - 5 days for an email response.

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