Bronwen Hurford is a freelance Senior Graphic Designer / Art Director from Dunedin

Hello, I’ve been a graphic designer for the last 15 years in London, Auckland & now Dunedin.

I’ve worked for big companies like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s with my designs in Piccadilly Circus and the London underground and I’ve also worked with one-person start-ups in NZ. I am a multi-disciplinary designer and do a lot of work with smaller companies that are needing branding, signage, print media, and a website (Shopify or Squarespace). I also do a lot of Corporate design helping with investment and annual documents and the odd Powerpoint tidy up. I generally work remotely from a home studio or on-site within Dunedin.
I believe it is the thinking behind the screen that makes for good design, conversations (or emails) with clients to get an idea of what they want (or don't want) and the ability to translate this with a mix of empathy, patience, creativity and experience into something great. Clients often comment on my calm attention to detail even under deadline pressure and my communication skills and - which is important considering a few of my clients I have never met in person!

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