Brandon Miller is a Graphic & Web Designer from Wellington

I began my journey as a designer when I had the most amazing professor spark my interest to the wonders of Adobe, html, and css. Before graduating I had designed and developed several websites for myself, friends, my landlord, and my favorite pizza parlor.

Throughout university I freelanced and interned for many different businesses including an art festival, Pizza Colore, WordPress Superheroes, and the Boulder County Public Health Department, where I created an awareness campaign on the use of drugs and alcohol in middle schools.

After graduating from the University of Colorado with degrees in creative advertising and business, I moved to Washington, D.C. where I worked as the designer for +gmmb, an advertising, political consulting, and advocacy agency. There I progressed as a designer as I collaborated with the creative team to push campaigns forward and tell a story through design.

A year later I moved to Kansas City and worked as the designer for MAKE Digital Group. At MAKE I worked as a graphic designer doing everything from brand development, posters, brochures and animations, to working with the marketing team designing emails, landing pages, and digital ads to assist in marketing campaigns. In June I had to say a bittersweet goodbye to the agency as my partner got a job in Wellington and we decided to make the move across the world together.

My most recent freelance project was to design and develop a website for a psychologist based out of Kansas City. I worked one-on-one with him from start to finish. We started with a sitemap and then moved on to wireframes, mock-up designs, and then developed the website using my knowledge of HTML, CSS, and best SEO practices.

My personality:

• Someone who can pick up a heavy work load, produce insightful and meaningful material, and have fun while doing it.

• A person who understands the importance of working with different people to help concept and develop big ideas.

• Self-motivated and passionate about design and web development. Every time I open a blank canvas or text editor, I challenge myself to create something fascinating, yet challenging and gain from the experience.

• Very detail oriented and organised.


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