Becca Aiken is a Illustrator and Brand Specialist from Auckland

I'm a Brand Designer and illustrator with experience working in-house and in an agency. I have worked with a mix of clients ranging from larger corporate jobs to smaller start ups and personal client commissions. I have had over 8 years experience evolving my skills in both graphic and product design. I love working with a wide variety of clients and enjoy the challenge of rebranding or helping launch new businesses into the market.

I'm proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. My strengths lie in branding, print and illustration as well as creative directing or advising companies on new branding ideas.

I am also the founder of a second company called Pretty Fly which is a NZ made merino sock business. Being able to use both my creative skills to compliment the business side of the company has created a successful combination and allows me to understand businesses on a deeper level.


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