Andres Garcia is a Mobile Apps Developer from Auckland

Mobile App Developer with 6+ years of industry experience building websites and mobile Application. Skilled in native Android Development but I specialize in Flutter in order to reach users of both platforms (Android and iOS), adding even more value to you business !

Solving practical problems is my jam and to me, writing Code is like playing video games.

I started with Native Android Development, loved making someone’s vision come true, building Apps that people were using (analytics is one of my best friends) in their daily lives but something was missing... the iOS users!!

So I dived into cross platform development (oh boy..) and tried multiple frameworks (Ionic, React Native etc…) but none of them offered the same look and performances of a Native App. Until I tried Flutter, the latest and greatest from Google!
Flutter is a very strong cross platform framework with Native performances, look and feel, write once and deploy everywhere (Android, iOS, Web, Desktop, IOT and Fushia).

Flutter was the missing piece for me, now I can reach all users without compromising and it also adds more value to my employer without the need to spend more money on hiring another native Developer.
Oh and did I mention that I’m involved into the Flutter Community?!

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