Our Top 5 Freelancer Projects In October

In this video, I go over my favourite case studies on Unicorn Factory and introduce the people behind them. Please give this video a like and comment down below what your favourite case study was.


Josh Nelson - https://www.unicornfactory.nz/profiles/josh-nelson

Abby Damen -  https://www.unicornfactory.nz/profiles/abby-damen

Alex Murton - https://www.unicornfactory.nz/profiles/alex-murton

Ella Hampshire-Perks - https://www.unicornfactory.nz/profiles/ella-hampshire-perks

Connor Finlayson - https://www.unicornfactory.nz/profiles/connor-finlayson

Find and hire awesome Kiwi freelancers at https://www.unicornfactory.nz

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