Words for Wellness


June 11, 2019

About this project
Kate wanted her website updated to more accurately reflect her client group and how she could help them. We spent time profiling her clients, what they wanted and how she met these needs. I used this information to create a clear brand message: a statement that she could use to describe who she helps and how. And from this I edited the information on her home page, about page and Strong, Fit Women services page. The finished copy (words) were presented in a plain word document and also as a visual representation (wire frame) so Kate could see what the words would look like on her site.

It was completely awesome to work with Katrina to update the wording and message on my website! Katrina took the time to listen to my passion and take my own words but revamp them in a way that gets the message out more clearly while still maintaining my own personality and authenticity behind them. She also helped with some great layout and presentation ideas. Thank you! I was really excited to make the changes and she had laid them out in such a clear, easy to follow format that the process was simple. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants help honing in on their message. It’s super value. You won’t be disappointed.

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